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Tired of lugging around a heavy vacuum or struggling with a broom and dustpan? Now you don't have to!
TheLuxurySweep™  dustpan, broom and mop can literally clean anything! Using our specially designed 360 rotating heads, it can reach all corners and tight spots, sweeping up all dust, food scraps and pet hair into the catch bucket.
Once full easily empty the catch bucket into your bin. It's as easy as it gets!
Using no electricity or batteries, You'll wonder how you've lived without it!.
No more back breaking work!
All In One: Save hundreds on dustpans, brooms and mops.  TheLuxurySweep™ is the all-in-one solution you've always wanted.

Adjustable Height: Easily adjust height on sweep handle to fit the need, 30cm, 76cm or 106cm.

Cleans Anything: TheLuxurySweep™ can literally clean anything! Dust, food scraps, pet hair, dirt literally everything.

Fast And Easy: Within seconds TheLuxurySweep™ will sweep up anything using it's 360 rotating heads, reaching all corners and tight spots sweeping everything into the catch bucket.

No Electricity or Batteries Needed: TheLuxurySweep™ uses no electricity or batteries at all. Completely re-usable, just push TheLuxurySweep™, collect mess and when the catch bucket is full empty into bin. It's that easy!